About Us

Across the broad range of marketing techniques and processes we have one goal –
to get your idea across to your viewer in a successful way.

Website Design and Graphic Design require designers who are constantly upgrading skills and watching the trends and developments in the industries that they promote.  The professionals of LaVigne Group have working experience in the business community in retail, manufacturing, administration, service and many other business environments.  We know what the issues are that businesses face and we know how to translate those needs into effective design for marketing products.

    •    illustration
    •    graphic design
    •    website design and development
    •    website hosting packages
    •    logo and identity design
    •    print design
    •    banner and poster layouts
    •    news releases
    •    special event production
    •    brochures and business cards
    •    postcard marketing
    •    email marketing
    •    online banner advertising
    •    map illustrations
    •    billboards
    •    visual merchandising

Great design makes your marketing compelling.  LaVigne Design Group specializes in great design.  We hope you will look to our design for your next project.